Saving Money On Books – 5 Books For $2.13

I believe that there is so much more to being frugal than simply using coupons. I hardly ever pay full price for anything. On the rare occasion that I have to it just breaks my little heart. My oldest daughter loves to be read to and I am trying to get her into a bed time routine which includes a nightly story. If my daughter is anything like your kids they probably rip out the pages and sometimes use them as a coloring book. Now you may just say that is free to go to the library but I admitley am not good at returing them on time and I have to pay full price for a fee that my daughter decided to ruin.

So I found some thrift stores in and around Boise that have very cheap kids books. I went today to the Idaho Youth Ranch on Overland Blvd and purchased these five books for only $2.13. Some of the books in there are not in the best condition but majority of them are like new. So here is what I got:

  • Princess and The Snarls (Brand New) – Goes for $20.95 on – I paid $1.25
  • I Know An Old Lady…. (Excellant Used Condition) – Goes for $6.99 on – I paid $0.25
  • Coloring Book On The Five Senses (Brand New) – $1.95 Price on it – I paid $0.13
  • A Care Bare Book (excellant Used Conditon) – $5.99 Price on it – I paid $0.25
  • Bear Want More (Brand New) – Goes for $12.23 on – I Paid $0.25

The total retail for these books = $48.11

I paid $2.13

Total Saving Of $45.98 or 96%



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