Huggies $5.50 per pack!!!!!!

Huggies Diapers are on sale at Rite Aid this week for $10. They are part of a promotion where if you spend $40 you get $10 back to spend on anything in the store. So here is an idea to get cheap huggies.

Buy 4 packs of huggies $40.00
-Use 4 coupons for $2.00 off from 3/18 Smart Source
-Pay $32.00
-Get back $10
It is like paying $22 for 4 packs of diapers of $5.50 for one.


FREE Easter Candy Walgreen’s

There is a HOT coupon today in the 3/18 Smart Source. It is $1.00 off of 2 Mars Easter products with no size restrictions. Well Walgreens has some Mar Easter candy on sale 2/$1. So buy 2 pieces that are on sale and use $1 off coupon and they will be FREE. I love getting stuff like this because it something that I would end up buying anyway.

I bought M&M’s, snicker’s eggs, and milky way bunnies. So be on the look out for this deal.

Don’t forget if you didn’t get any papers this week many stores still carry them.

ANOTHER FREE 8×10 From Walgreens

ANOTHER FREE 8×10 From Walgreens

There is another coupon code for a free 8×10 at Walgreen’s. Just select in store pick up and enter code 1Print. If you haven’t gotten the other one yet that code is FREEONE. You will have to do 2 separate orders but can do it under one account. If you select pay in store than you won’t even have to enter any credit card information.

FREE 8×10 Enlargement From Walgreens

Here is a coupon for a free 8×10 photo from Walgreen’s. If you choose to pick it up in store it will be completely free. Order and 8×10 and then when you go into your shopping cart enter the code -FREEONE. Also if you select pay in store then you do not have to enter your credit card information. Here is the link:


Walgreen’s Photo

Got Boys… Get Cheap Hot Wheels For Easter Baskets


Rite Aid has a great deal on Hot Wheels this week. These would be perfect to put up in a prize box or set aside for Easter baskets. They are on sale for $0.75 for one but if you buy 2 you will get back $0.50 in Up rewards. So basically they are $0.50 a piece.

Buy 2 for $1.50

Get $0.50 in Up rewards

Like paying $1.00 for 2

55% Of All Prints At Walgreens

Yesterday I posted about the deal where you can get 100 prints for $5.00 shipped. Personally, I will never use 100 pictures. They will sit in the package in my desk drawer just causing even more clutter. So I like to find deals on photo that allow you to get as many or little photos as you need.

We just recently moved into a new townhouse and it was time to update the pictures. I had no pictures of the baby hanging up so it was time. So I looked through everything I had and realized I need about 6-8 pictures. So onto I go. I ordered eight 4×6 prints that I will be picking up in an hour and I only had to pay $0.68.

I am beginning to learn that more isn’t always better. On paper the 100 prints for $5.00 is a better deal but what good is it if I don’t use them. What items have you bought a ton of and hardly used any?

Rite Aid Saved 96%

Soft Lips 2 Pack 3.99

-Used in ad coupon $3.00 off = $0.99

Black Eyeliner $3.95

-Used in ad coupon $3.00 off = $0.95

Playtex Bottle $5.79

-Used in ad coupon for $4.00 off = $1.79

2 Nail Polish 1.99/1 = 3.98

-On clearance for 75% off = $0.98

Subtotal of $4.71

Used $4.00 in RR from last week

Total Out Of Pocket = $0.71

Total Value = $17.71

Total Saved = $17.00 or 96%

Walgreens 3/4-3/10

I see some good things in this weeks Walgreen’s ad. I am not going to list every deal. I am only going to put up the ones that are useful and a really good deal.

Colgate $3

-$0.75/1 coupon 2/26 Smart Source

Pay $2.25 and get back $3.00 = You just made $0.75

Walgreens Brand Saline Mist $5

Get Back $5 in RR

Softsoap Body Wash 2 for $6

– $0.50/1 coupon 2/12 Smart Source (Use 2)

-Get back $3 in RR

Final Price 2 for $2

Scenario Ideas:

Buy 1 Colgate use 0.75 off coupon get back RR.

Pay $2.25 get back $3.00

Buy 2 Soft soap Body Washes use coupons get back RR

$6.00 – $1.00 (coupons) – $3.00 (RR from Colgate) = $2.00

Pay $2.00 Get Back $3.00 in RR

Buy 1 Walgreen’s Simply Saline 5.00

$5.00- $3.00 (RR from Soft soap) = $2.00

Buy Colgate and use coupon $2.25

Also Buy 2 more Soft Soaps 6.00 -1.00 coupons

2.25 (Colgate) + 5.00 (Soft soap) = $7.25

Use 5.00 RR from Saline = Pay 2.25

Total Out Of Pocket = $8.50

Still Have $6 in RR for next week or anything else you need in the store.

That is like getting 4 body washes, 2 tubes of toothpaste, and a saline mist for $2.50!!!!!!!!

Note: RR means a register rewards. If you purchase a certain item at Walgreen’s one of these will print out. You can use it on anything in the store but the same item again. For example, if you buy the Colgate toothpaste and get $3 in RR you could buy another toothpaste with it but the computer will not print another RR. So you best bet is to find something else with a similar RR value.

Another Note= I will head over to my local Walgreen’s today or tomorrow and possibly find more deals and will post a picture and breakdown of what I bought.

Saturday Shopping

Me and the baby are heading out today to do some shopping. I have all my coupons clipped and plan on going to

  • Walmart for Kmart double deals
  • Walgreens for free wipes, air fresheners, and cough drops
  • Rite Aid to get free Pantene,
  • Kohls and Old Navy just to see what is on clearance.

I will post all my trips later with pictures and totals. Are you doing any shopping today?