Free – 4×6 Prints 25 Of Them

Free – 4×6 Prints 25 Of Them

Walgreen’s has 25 free prints today only. Select in store pick up and grab them next time you are there getting some coupon deals.



Total’s From March Saved $665 And Only Spent $206.35

NOTE: I did not track every thing I purchased this month. This totals simply come from the post’s from last month of my shopping trips.


Walgreen’s (8 Trips)

Total Spent – $34.67

Total Value – $254.93

Total Saved – $220.26 or 86%


Target (2 Trips)

Total Spent – $15.97

Total Value – $105.99

Total Saved – $90.02 or 84%


Rite Aid (2 Trips)

Total Spent – $0.71

Total Value – $24.45

Total Saved – $23.74 or 97%


Albertson’s (5 Trips)

Total Spent – $108.14

Total Value – $258.80

Total Saved – $150.66 or 58%


Walmart (8 Trips)

Total Spent – $46.86

Total Saved – $227.20

Total Saved – $180.34 or 79%


Monthly Totals

Total Spent – $206.35

Total Value – $871.37

Total Saved – $665.02 or 76%

Walgreens $1.00 Money Maker on Hair Dye


It is a slow week at Walgreen’s so I figured I would just go in and check out their clearance selection. Well I hit the jackpot. I happened to find Clairol Nice and Easy Hair Dye Foam in one of my favorite shades. They were regular priced $8.99 on clearance for $2.74. I had a $3.00 off coupon from 2/18 Smart Source. So I paid and was happy enough to get 2 for free. Then a $1.00 register reward printed out. So it ended up being a $1.00 money maker.

Total Spent – $0.00 or $0.33 with tax

Total Value – $17.98

Total Saved $17.98 or 100% plus I now have $1.00 for next time.

FREE Easter Candy Walgreen’s

There is a HOT coupon today in the 3/18 Smart Source. It is $1.00 off of 2 Mars Easter products with no size restrictions. Well Walgreens has some Mar Easter candy on sale 2/$1. So buy 2 pieces that are on sale and use $1 off coupon and they will be FREE. I love getting stuff like this because it something that I would end up buying anyway.

I bought M&M’s, snicker’s eggs, and milky way bunnies. So be on the look out for this deal.

Don’t forget if you didn’t get any papers this week many stores still carry them.

ANOTHER FREE 8×10 From Walgreens

ANOTHER FREE 8×10 From Walgreens

There is another coupon code for a free 8×10 at Walgreen’s. Just select in store pick up and enter code 1Print. If you haven’t gotten the other one yet that code is FREEONE. You will have to do 2 separate orders but can do it under one account. If you select pay in store than you won’t even have to enter any credit card information.

FREE 8×10 Enlargement From Walgreens

Here is a coupon for a free 8×10 photo from Walgreen’s. If you choose to pick it up in store it will be completely free. Order and 8×10 and then when you go into your shopping cart enter the code -FREEONE. Also if you select pay in store then you do not have to enter your credit card information. Here is the link:


Walgreen’s Photo

Walgreen’s Paid Me $3.50 For These 4 Deoderants


I found a great deal on some deodorant at Walgreen’s. I paid $0.50 for 4 deodorants and then got back $4.00 in Register Rewards. It is like getting paid to shop. I basically made $3.50 to take these out of the store.

Look for the Right Guard deodorants the 3 -4 oz on clearance for $2.29. They are also B1G1 free. So they ring up as $4.68. Use 2 coupons for $2 off of 2 from Pay $0.68 and get back $4.00

Walgreens Saved 69% or $41.48

1st Transaction:

Bought 6 twelve packs – Regular Price 4.99/1 = $29.94 – On Sale 6/$20

Paid $21.20 and got back $10.00 in Register Rewards

2nd Transaction:

Right Guard Deodorant – Regular Price $4.99 so $19.96/4 – On clearance for $2.29 B1G1 Free = $4.58/2

150 ct Tums Peppermint – Regular Price $5.49 – On sale for $3.99

–          Used in store coupon for $1.00 off = $2.99

Tuf Paper Towels $0.89/1 – Regular Price = $3.56 – On sale 4/$2.00

Disney Princess Coloring Book = $0.59

Subtotal = $10.16

-Used $10.00 in Register Rewards for Coke

Total Paid = $0.83

Got Back $4.00 in Register Rewards For Right Guard


Grand Totals

Total Paid = $22.06 – Still have $4.00 so total = $18.06

Total Value = $59.54

Total Saved =   $41.48 or 69%Image

CHEAP Coke $1.66 a 12 pack

So Walgreens has an AMAZING deal on coke products this week. I am a diet coke addict. I will admit it, maybe I need rehab. Some people drink coffee in the morning, not me a diet coke. I need it and I get pretty cranky without it. So I am super excited about this sale. Here is the breakdown on the sale.

12 Packs on Sale 3/$10

Spent $20 On Coke, Planters, Or Hershey and get $10 in Register Rewards

So buy 6 for $20 and get $10 back = 6 12 packs for $10