Total’s From March Saved $665 And Only Spent $206.35

NOTE: I did not track every thing I purchased this month. This totals simply come from the post’s from last month of my shopping trips.


Walgreen’s (8 Trips)

Total Spent – $34.67

Total Value – $254.93

Total Saved – $220.26 or 86%


Target (2 Trips)

Total Spent – $15.97

Total Value – $105.99

Total Saved – $90.02 or 84%


Rite Aid (2 Trips)

Total Spent – $0.71

Total Value – $24.45

Total Saved – $23.74 or 97%


Albertson’s (5 Trips)

Total Spent – $108.14

Total Value – $258.80

Total Saved – $150.66 or 58%


Walmart (8 Trips)

Total Spent – $46.86

Total Saved – $227.20

Total Saved – $180.34 or 79%


Monthly Totals

Total Spent – $206.35

Total Value – $871.37

Total Saved – $665.02 or 76%

Walgreens $1.00 Money Maker on Hair Dye


It is a slow week at Walgreen’s so I figured I would just go in and check out their clearance selection. Well I hit the jackpot. I happened to find Clairol Nice and Easy Hair Dye Foam in one of my favorite shades. They were regular priced $8.99 on clearance for $2.74. I had a $3.00 off coupon from 2/18 Smart Source. So I paid and was happy enough to get 2 for free. Then a $1.00 register reward printed out. So it ended up being a $1.00 money maker.

Total Spent – $0.00 or $0.33 with tax

Total Value – $17.98

Total Saved $17.98 or 100% plus I now have $1.00 for next time.

FREE Easter Candy Walgreen’s

There is a HOT coupon today in the 3/18 Smart Source. It is $1.00 off of 2 Mars Easter products with no size restrictions. Well Walgreens has some Mar Easter candy on sale 2/$1. So buy 2 pieces that are on sale and use $1 off coupon and they will be FREE. I love getting stuff like this because it something that I would end up buying anyway.

I bought M&M’s, snicker’s eggs, and milky way bunnies. So be on the look out for this deal.

Don’t forget if you didn’t get any papers this week many stores still carry them.

ANOTHER FREE 8×10 From Walgreens

ANOTHER FREE 8×10 From Walgreens

There is another coupon code for a free 8×10 at Walgreen’s. Just select in store pick up and enter code 1Print. If you haven’t gotten the other one yet that code is FREEONE. You will have to do 2 separate orders but can do it under one account. If you select pay in store than you won’t even have to enter any credit card information.

FREE 8×10 Enlargement From Walgreens

Here is a coupon for a free 8×10 photo from Walgreen’s. If you choose to pick it up in store it will be completely free. Order and 8×10 and then when you go into your shopping cart enter the code -FREEONE. Also if you select pay in store then you do not have to enter your credit card information. Here is the link:


Walgreen’s Photo

Walgreen’s Paid Me $3.50 For These 4 Deoderants


I found a great deal on some deodorant at Walgreen’s. I paid $0.50 for 4 deodorants and then got back $4.00 in Register Rewards. It is like getting paid to shop. I basically made $3.50 to take these out of the store.

Look for the Right Guard deodorants the 3 -4 oz on clearance for $2.29. They are also B1G1 free. So they ring up as $4.68. Use 2 coupons for $2 off of 2 from Pay $0.68 and get back $4.00

Walgreens Saved 69% or $41.48

1st Transaction:

Bought 6 twelve packs – Regular Price 4.99/1 = $29.94 – On Sale 6/$20

Paid $21.20 and got back $10.00 in Register Rewards

2nd Transaction:

Right Guard Deodorant – Regular Price $4.99 so $19.96/4 – On clearance for $2.29 B1G1 Free = $4.58/2

150 ct Tums Peppermint – Regular Price $5.49 – On sale for $3.99

–          Used in store coupon for $1.00 off = $2.99

Tuf Paper Towels $0.89/1 – Regular Price = $3.56 – On sale 4/$2.00

Disney Princess Coloring Book = $0.59

Subtotal = $10.16

-Used $10.00 in Register Rewards for Coke

Total Paid = $0.83

Got Back $4.00 in Register Rewards For Right Guard


Grand Totals

Total Paid = $22.06 – Still have $4.00 so total = $18.06

Total Value = $59.54

Total Saved =   $41.48 or 69%Image

CHEAP Coke $1.66 a 12 pack

So Walgreens has an AMAZING deal on coke products this week. I am a diet coke addict. I will admit it, maybe I need rehab. Some people drink coffee in the morning, not me a diet coke. I need it and I get pretty cranky without it. So I am super excited about this sale. Here is the breakdown on the sale.

12 Packs on Sale 3/$10

Spent $20 On Coke, Planters, Or Hershey and get $10 in Register Rewards

So buy 6 for $20 and get $10 back = 6 12 packs for $10